Family-owned and operated restaurant, which started as a modest luncheonette over 50 years ago in 1963, and remains with the family to this day. A family that came not from Sparta, New Jersey, but from Sparta, Greece, where the sea is deep and family is deeper.

Invitation is the bedrock of food and family, endearingly acknowledged by loyal customer families and friends as "grandma's kitchen." Grandma's hands to preparation and eye to quality are embedded signatures to what comes out of her age-old kitchen. Grandma insists—and this family does not want to disappoint her tradition and invitation nor the many customers who come for a meal.

Innovation — From the kitchen an eclectic American menu has evolved that offers the customer considerable selection and choice of meat, fish, chicken, pasta, vegan, salads and more, with active eye to preparation and ingredient; mindfully healthy and, where possible, organic choice . The family management is actively involved and oversees product selection.

Equally, we attend to our servers to engage our customers with a positive attitude and respect. This attitude derives from grandma's kitchen (food) to extend an atmosphere to our customers as family and friends with a purpose, even for brief moments, a sense of community. This gives our restaurant a meaning of what we give and how we treat each other.

Our Story